Hanging Art on the Cheap

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March 3, 2015 · 0 comments

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I am very fortunate to have some wildly talented artists in my family – mainly my mother and sister. And because of this I have a bounty of art that all needs to be hung for the world (or my house guests) to see.

Framing can get expensive. But I’ve come up with this little short cut that works great for posters or art prints.

Hanging Art on the Cheap

Wooden dowel cut to 1 inch shorter than the width of your art
Painter’s tape
Cord or thick thread

You can find wooden dowels at any art or craft supply shop. They come in various lengths. Make sure to pick a size that is 1 inch shorter in width than the piece you want to hang. I find that the square shaped dowels work best.

Since the wooden dowels are thin you can easily trim them at home with a sharp knife if you can’t find the exact size you need.

If your piece of art is small enough a chop stick would work as well.

Cut a piece of cord or thick thread the length you will need to.

The piece I hung is 18 inches in width, so I cut a piece of cord that was 20 inches long. Tie the cord in a knot on either end of the dowel.

Position the dowel on the backside of your art, centered and 1 inch below the top edge.

Secure the dowel to the art with one piece of painter’s tape in the middle. Place two more pieces on either side.

Now grab a nail and a hammer and hang your master piece.

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