Beets and Greens in Dijon and Butter

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I just signed up for my first summer share from Local Roots NYC. And can’t believe I hadn’t jumped on the CSA bandwagon until now.

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. And it’s a great way to support local farmers, get fantastic produce, and introduce yourself to foods you might not normally go for.

The key to a CSA, I think, is to share it with a friend or two. That way you can divvy up the bounty and plan a weekly hang out. Local Roots has a pickup location conveniently located at a bar around the corner from my place. So now every Thursday for the next 12 weeks I get to pick up my share, see my friend and have a beer. Win win.

This week’s share included romaine and green leaf lettuce, spring onions, strawberries, rainbow chard, and these here beets. This dish is equally great served warm or cold. And would be a great potluck dish – just double it up to serve a crowd.

Beets and Greens in Dijon and Butter
Courtesy of Local Roots
1 ½ lbs beets with stems and greens
2 TB Dijon
2 TB melted butter
pinch of salt
makes 4 side servings

Start by separating the beets from the stems and greens. This is the time to do a quality control check.

Remove any greens that look suspect, ie wilted, browned. Same goes for the stems. Remove any stems that are mushy, brown, or just don’t look great.

Cut stems in 1-inch pieces, give a good rinse and set aside.

Give the greens a rough chop, rinse off in a colander and set aside.

Peel the beets. Cut into 1-inch chunks. You will end up with beet hands – but don’t fret. It’s not permanent.

In a large saucepan, bring ½ cup of water to a simmer. Add beets and stems, cover and cook on medium heat for about 7-9 minutes or until tender.

Add greens and 2 more tablespoons of water to beets and stems and cook for another 5 minutes, covered.

Once cooked through remove from heat.

In a small bowl or cup whisk together melted butter, dijon and salt.

Put beets, stems and greens in a medium sized bowl. Leave juices in pot.

Toss in dijon dressing. Serve hot or cold.


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