Succotash with Poached Eggs and Toast

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The word Succotash comes from the Narragansett tribe of what is now Rhode Island. Meaning ‘broken corn kernels’, this dish is typically made with corn, shell beans and a mixture of other additions. In this case cherry tomatoes, onion, garlic, bacon and fresh basil.

I am half way thru my CSA with Local Roots NYC and am loving experimenting with new produce each week. This week’s share included fava beans. When I think of fava beans all that comes to mind is Hannibal Lecter and his love for F-f-f-fava beans, liver and a nice Chianti. Guy knows that he likes.

This version of succotash is served a top slices of toasted bread and topped with poached eggs. These eggs also come from Local Roots. There really is nothing like farm fresh eggs.

So make this for breakfast. Or make it for dinner. Or just make it when you’re hungry. Devour and enjoy.

Succotash with Poached Egg and Toast
Adapted from Gourmet
½ C fava beans (about 8-10 pods)
1 TB olive oil
½ C finely chopped sweet onion
2 slices bacon
1 garlic clove, minced
1 C cherry tomatoes, quartered
2 ears of corn
¼ C basil
salt and pepper to taste

4 eggs
2 TB white vinegar
4 slices of bread

Makes 2 servings

Remove fava beans from pods. The beans have a thick, waxy cover that you will need to remove in order to cook.

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Blanch beans for 30 seconds. Remove from pot and place in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. The waxy covers will slip right off.

To cook beans bring a small pot of salted water to a boil. Place beans in boiling water and cook until tender, about 5 minutes.

Drain beans and run under cold water to stop the cooking process. Set aside.

In a medium skillet cook bacon over medium heat until crisp.

While the bacon is cooking go ahead and remove the corn kernels from the cob. To do this with little mess place a small bowl, upside down in the center of a large mixing bowl.

Remove the stems from the corn cobs so you have a flat surface.

Stand the corn straight up in the center of the small bowl.

Hold the top of the cob steady with one hand and slice down with a knife to remove kernels with the other hand. Remove the small bowl and set aside your bowl of corn.

Drain bacon on a paper towel and break into small pieces.

Reserve 1 tablespoon of bacon fat and discard the rest. Heat olive oil and bacon fat in skillet over medium heat.

Add onion and cook until tender, about 7-8 minutes.

Add garlic and cook for 1 minute.

Add corn and cook until tender, about 5 minutes.

Toss in tomatoes and remove from heat.

Stir in tomatoes a couple of times so the heat from the corn and onions slightly warms them.

Sprinkle in chopped basil leaves and set aside. Salt and pepper to taste.

In a pot bring salted water to a boil. Once you have a rolling boil pour in 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Carefully crack eggs into water. To help the eggs keep their shape swirl the water with a spoon to create a slight whirlpool.

Turn off the heat, cover pot and let sit for 5 minutes. Don’t lift the lid – just let it be.

After 5 minutes remove eggs from water and let drain on paper towel.

Toast 4 slices of bread. Butter each slice. Spoon succotash over bread and top with a poached egg.

Serve and enjoy.



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