Sugar, Coconut Oil and Rose Petal Body Scrub


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Sugar, Coconut Oil and Rose Petal Body Scrub

I went to the beach last weekend. Had a blast. Swam like a little fishy. Got some sun. Had an R.Kelly song-a-long with the ladies. And managed to come home with about a pound of sand in every crevice of everything. No Joke. There was sand on my bedroom floor, all over the bathroom floor, a pile of sand on one of the kitchen chairs, and even sand in the fridge! Sand is a nasty little pest sometimes. But it’s also an awesome natural exfoliant.

Which brings me to this uber pretty homemade body scrub. Made out of a few simple ingredients you can have super sweet and smooth skin, without a ton of sand all over the place.

And this is kind of the perfect little gift to give.

Sugar, Coconut Oil and Rose Petal Body Scrub
Hermetic or Mason Jar
Coconut Oil
Rose Petals (the more fragrant the better)
Brown Sugar
Apricot, Jojoba, or Almond Oil

The measurements for the scrub all depend on the size of your jar. You want to layer the ingredients in thirds. The sugar and oil and mixed together to make their own layer.

Start by putting a scoop of coconut oil on the bottom of the jar. Next, layer in rose petals. For the small jars I used one rose. For the large mason jar I used two roses.

On top of the roses gently press in brown sugar. Fill to top.

Pour oil over sugar, wait for it to absorb down to roses, and add a little more oil on top if needed. You want almost all of the sugar to be soaked up in oil.

Top off with the lid and let it marinate. Once you are ready to lather use a spoon to mash everything together. The sugar will help break down the rose petals and combine with the coconut oil to give you a super sweet and rich exfoliant.

This scrub has a shelf life of about a year.

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Jenn Weishaar October 3, 2014 at 3:49 pm

I’m going to try this!!! Thanks Lucy;)


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