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Growing up in the PNW I have been instilled with the moto, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.’ from a very young age. Words to live by. Knowing how to properly recycle is no joke. Just ask my Teva wearing friends on the left coast.

I made some marinara sauce last week and decided to keep the can around until I came up with something I could do with it. Conclusion? Put a plant in it, of course.

I took a cruise over to the Crest Hardware in my neighborhood and picked out the perfect plant for this fancy can. There were so many to choose from. Decorative chili peppers, mini palms, the ever popular succulents. But I decided on the Peperomia. Because it’s cute and Peperomia sounds like Pepperoni, which in turn makes me think of pizza. I’m a sucker for pizza.

Make sure to consult the staff where ever you choose to buy your plant. There are a ton of factors involved in plant maintenance: light source, how much you need to water it, does it need to be fed fertilizer on a regular basis?

If you are an apartment dweller like me, check out this helpful article on Apartment Therapy, in regards to picking out apartment friendly plants.

Tin Can Plant Holder
Tin Can
Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint
Old newspaper

Remove any labels on your tin can. Give it a good scrub and dry.

Flip the can over and using a hammer and nail make a handful of holes on the bottom. This will allow your plant’s water to drain out.

Take your can, some old newspaper and your spray paints to an outside work space or well ventilated area. Start with the primer spray paint and apply one coat to the can. Allow to dry. (This only takes about 5 minutes).

Time to spray on your color. Spray one coat, allow to dry and apply a second coat.

Once your can is all dry, 10 minutes should do it, then it’s time for soil.

Make sure you work over that old newspaper because dirt gets messy.

Fill up your pot about ¾ of the way. Gently remove your plant from the plastic container it came in and transfer it over to your can.

Fill up the rest of the can with soil, making sure to press the soil in as you go to make a sturdy home for your plant.

You will need a saucer or tray to sit the can on so water doesn’t go everywhere each time you give it a drink.

I spray painted a terracotta clay saucer to match my can. But you can use a small plate in your cabinet as well.

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